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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A Beautiful Goodbye and a Bit of Sadness

Tonight, was the most bitter of bittersweet times I've had in my life. To leave on the next stage of God's will for my life could not be more exciting. But to leave behind my precious teens with whom I've been able to grow and serve and teach for the past 3 years could not be more bitter.

The night was first an opportunity to worship together again like old times. Dan, Dan, and Ashley... you rock! Keep this band going while I'm gone, ok? Ashley, keep up those solos! You're amazing! Move aside, Darlene Zschech... Chris Tomlin, Hillsong United, and Casting Crowns provided our songs for worship and we thoroughly enjoyed singing to the Lord together.

After our worship time, Donnie Rice asked me to share briefly with the youth group my plans regarding Mexico and the mission field. Then the group gathered around me and Jay Lennington led in prayer for my trip and my future. What a wonderful group of people I have supporting me here from home!

As we finished my final Wednesday night here for the next three months, I was then taken out to dinner at Chili's by 14 of my teens for one last time of random fun, laughing, talking, spilling drinks (nice one Dan, on my white jeans!) and... snorting laughter courtesy of Michelle Feicke. Buying my dinner was a small gesture, but it meant so much to me, coming from those who mean the most to me here.

So tonight was sweet, bitter, and very encouraging to me. Thank you, teens! I love you all so much! You mean the world to me. Live for God and follow His plans for you! See you all in June...

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Luke Wagner said...

God bless.

much love.

see ya in june bro!