"I have but one passion - it is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can most be used in winning souls for Christ."

Sunday, April 13, 2008

To Seek and To Save

This Saturday, April 12th, we gathered at the church to go out on visitation, like every week. But a couple of things I saw today inspired me to write what I had seen. Some Saturdays we go to the town center and hand out tracts to people. One Saturday we visited all of the church members. This week it was time to go knocking on people's doors. I was reminded of the passage I was studying for Sunday School - that Jesus was intentional and deliberate in seeking the lost.

The first thing I saw was so convicting to me. It was Joaquin. He is 8 years old and he lives at the ranch. When we arrived at the section of town where we were going to knock doors, we split up. I was expecting little Joaquin to join up with one of the adults or something. But no, he took his stack of tracts and walked right up to the first house and knocked on the door, just as if it were his best friends house. What a coward I am! The last time I knocked on a door was in Canada and I was afraid to do so without another one of the guys from the hockey team with me. I, along with many other Christians in America, have been a spiritual coward.

The next thing I saw was a reminder of the power of prayer. You know, sometimes we have to wait days, months, or years to see answers to our prayers. But I was reminded yesterday that God is able to answer a prayer in an instant. Adrian and I went up to a house with a big white gate and called out to anyone inside. A lady named Marcelina came out to see us. She has been raised Catholic and had already heard of all the Scriptures Adrian and I were sharing with her. As Adrian explained the plan of salvation and her need for a Savior, I would pray specifically for her and see God answering prayers within seconds! She looked confused as Adrian explained that she needed a personal Savior and not a priest. I prayed, "God help her to understand..." Her countenance began to change and she began to nod her head in agreement. Adrian explained to her that it is a decision that needs to be made at a specific point in time. He asked her if she wanted to pray right then to receive Christ. She backed up and said, "Well, I just don't see why it is necessary, because I already go to church." I thought that maybe she felt intimidated by this American and another stranger. So I prayed, "God give her the courage to make this decision now." So Adrian talked to her for a few minutes and again, she began to understand and nod in agreement. When he asked her again, she said yes she understood, and yes she wanted to pray right then. So she prayed and received Christ that day.

What an amazing God we serve and what a privilege we have to be involved in the saving of souls. But what a responsibility! Don't be afraid. Don't fear. You are a beggar who has found the Bread of Life. Now go and tell other beggars where to find it as well.

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