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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My New Brothers and Sisters

I wanted to post the names and ages of all the teens in our youth group here at Iglesia Bautista La Fe so that all of you will be able to pray for them specifically by name.

Rosa Yarely -14
Ana Elizet -14
Ana Isabel - 14
Tomas - 18
Jose Luis - 18
Mario - 18
Israel - 20
Michel - 14
Jesus - 17
Marisela - 15
Claudia - 17
Luis - 17
Salma - 13
Manuel -18
Fransisco - 17
Diego - 17
Luis - 16
Ernesto - 14
Nancy - 15
Yadera - 18

Just for a bit more information, y'all from Cornerstone will remember the boys - Jesus, Diego, Mario, Fransisco (Keeko), Sergio (Keko), Jose Luis (Pepo), and Tomas. Rosa Yarele and the Ana twins were both also here last summer and some of you will remember them from this picture. Oh and Sydney, I told Rosa today that you said to tell her hi, and she says hi back. She remembers you, too. She showed me a picture of you and Christina on her cell phone and said, "This is Sydney, right?" Luis, Salma, and Manuel don't go to church, we invited them off of the streets to come help us clean up the ranch and then invited them to our youth activity at the church and they all came. Michel is a guy I want you all to pray specifically for. He is the newest boy living at the ranch. He came last summer, just after all the groups left. He is VERY quiet and withdrawn. But I have noticed him in Sunday School. He is paying attention and listening to me just so intently. I told Brother Randy about it, and he was very excited. He told me that Michel is always in his Bible for long amounts of time every day and every night. God has got some great plans for that guy! I believe he is a missionary-in-training. Please pray for me and all of my kids!

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