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Friday, May 2, 2008

Excelencias de la Sabiduría - The Excellence of Wisdom

This Tuesday, Adrian and I drove to Ojinaga, Mexico in the state of Camargo, right on the border of Presidio, Texas to pick up Brother Lanny Ashcraft and some supplies for a medical team that is here for this coming week.

On the trip home, as Brother Lanny was driving, I was reading in Proverbs 2 and the Lord was speaking to me through His Word. Something about the beauty of the Spanish language, or maybe my own interpretation of it, made these verses stand out to me in a more clear understanding than I'd had before.

“Hijo mío, si recibieres mis palabras, y mis mandamientos guardares dentro de ti, Haciendo estar atento tu oído a la sabiduría; Si inclinares tu corazón a la prudencia, si clamares a la inteligencia, y a la prudencia dieres tu voz; Si como a la plata la buscares, y la escudriñares como a tesoros, Entonces entenderás el temor de Jehová, Y hallarás el conocimiento de Dios. Porque Jehová da la sabiduría, y de su boca viene el conocimiento y la inteligencia. El provee de sana sabiduría a los rectos; es escudo a los que caminan rectamente. Es el que guarda las veredas del juicio, y preserva el camino de sus santos. Entonces entenderás justicia, juicio, y equidad, y todo buen camino. Cuando la sabiduría entrare en tu corazón, y la ciencia fuere grata a tu alma, la discreción te guardará; te preservará le inteligencia, Para librarte del mal camino…”

Here is my interpretation of this awesome passage:

"My son, if you will receive my words, and keep my commandments inside of you, they will make your ear attentive to wisdom; If you will bow your heart to prudence, if you will call out to understanding and will raise your voice to prudence; If you will seek it like silver, and will search for it like treasures, Then you will understand the fear of the Lord, and you will find the knowledge of God. Because the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. He provides sound wisdom to the righteous; He is a shield to them that walk righteously. It is He who keeps the paths of judgment, and perserves the way of his saints. Then you will understand justice, judgment, and equity, and every good way. When wisdom enters into your heart, and knowledge becomes pleasure to your soul, discretion will guard you; knowledge will preserve you, to free you from the wicked way..."

This passage was just an incredible reminder and challenge to me when I read it. I was reminded of my need to seek wisdom, to ask it of God, who gives liberally to all men, and it will be given to me. And the area that I most need wisdom in now is in relation to missions, the work on the field, the support-raising process, the decision on mission boards, and other questions. So the Lord pointed out to me that I was sitting even then next to a man of God who has been serving Him on the field here in Mexico for more than 30 years. So I put down my Bible and began to shoot questions to Brother Lanny regarding the different areas in which I had questions. It was a very neat thing to hear him tell stories of what had happened in his life, stories from the mission field, and advice concerning the process.

So I am grateful to God for His wisdom and ask that He will give me more each day...

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