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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Listening to God - Two True Stories

Last night (5/13/08):

So I walked down to get quesadillas and our two neighbor boys went with me. They're the two that we're praying for and trying to get to church. OK, so on the way back, we stopped at this "abarrotes" (that's a small convenience store) and I bought the boys these little snack cakes or something and my Coke for my quesadillas. So while I was paying for it, the lady at the store had another lady there with her. She said to the lady, "This guy comes in here about every night and he's always just so polite and he's always got a smile on his face." So the other lady says to me, "Is that true? Are you always happy?" I said, "Yes, ma'am. Always," wishing SO badly that I had a tract with me. But I didn't. And with the other two boys with me, I really couldn't stick around and talk long. So we left...

Then I'm sitting here finishing up my quesadillas, when I remember about listening to God. I'm sitting here thinking what an opportunity that was and how I don't wanna miss a SINGLE opportunity I have here. So I grabbed a few tracts and left.

I walked back to the store and got scared (I'm such a fraidy-cat). So I sat at the corner near the store to pray. There were several people inside, so that was my excuse to wait. I started to review what I was going to say and pray through the sinner's prayer on my own in Spanish to practice. I started thinking, maybe I'll just give this to her tonight and then talk to her about it tomorrow. But I knew that was just my excuse for being too scared. So I was like, no I'm gonna talk to her now. So as the store kinda calmed down in like 10 minutes I went up to her - her son was there with her.I said, "Good evening, ma'am." "Good evening." "I have something for you. You asked me why I'm always so happy, right?" "Yes! I was telling my friend that you come in every night with a smile on your face and you're always happy." "Well, this is why," I said, handing her the tract. "This is?" "Yes, ma'am. I'm a Christian. I have Jesus Christ living in my heart. And I have a purpose for living my life. See, I'm a pastor from the United States and I've come here to work with Iglesia Bautista La Fe over on 8th Street and Bustamante y Tagle. Well this little tract here just has a bunch of Bible verses that explain about Jesus. Do you know who Jesus is?" "Oh, yes. He is the Son of God." So we went on talking a little bit and she was very open and agreeable. Then she said, "Well thank you and I will read all through this tomorrow." It's a pretty thick tract with all kinds of different Bible verses and topics other than salvation, too. So I said, "OK, ma'am. Well hey, I'll probably be back by here tomorrow or another night, so if you want, I'll stop by here and we can talk about that some more." She said, "Ok, great. I'll read through this before then."

So now I've got the chance to go back. Next time I'm gonna start right off with so after reading that tract, do you know where you would go if you were to die? So it'll be cool to see where that goes...


This afternoon (5/14/08):

It is so cool to listen to God! It's even more cool, when you come to the end of your day/trip/whatever and KNOW that you heard exactly what He said because of some way that He confirms it.

I was hungry (big surprise, huh?). So I decided instead of hot dogs and fries today, I wanted the giNORmous burrito from El Guero. So I was gonna take the bike, but it wasn't here. Come on, Adrian! What did you take the bike for? Now I've gotta walk all the way into town and back! Ah, but THAT was what God wanted...It is probably about 1.5 to 2 miles into the "centro commercial" from here, so I grabbed some tracts and went out the door. I didn't take very many with me - maybe 7 or 8. So I got stepping. First of all, I put on Pastor Steve's Mother's Day message that I just downloaded onto my iPod and started listening to that. I passed by many people, but I only had a few tracts. So it was practice in listening: "OK, God, where are these people I'm supposed to give these to?"

I found the first one. It was an older man, just sitting outside of his house. People around here do that all the time. They'll just sit here all day and watch people go by. Who else would have more time to read a gospel tract? " Good afternoon, sir. I have something for you. This is the Word of God." "Oh thank you, sir." "This little tract here has a lot of verses from the Bible that tell us about Jesus Christ and God's plan for salvation, for all of us. It's very important, so you read it, ok?" "OK, thank you and God bless you!"

When I got into town, I found the second person. He was also an older man and this guy had a shoe-shine business. He didn't look very busy and these people also just sit there all day waiting for business. So I gave him the same little message. Just as I was leaving a man came up to have his shoes shined, so he says to me, "Hey I'll share it with this guy, too. He's really lost!" "OK, brother, you do that."

Then I got to the restaurant and ordered my burritos. As I was walking up to the restaurant, I saw my last 5 people. "Hey, guero! How have you been?!?" It was one of the teens that Adrian and I have been spending time with and trying to witness to. Adrian knows him from the streets. They grew up together as the gangsters of the town before Adrian got saved and became a pastor. Well, our two teens prayer projects were there with two more of their gang friends and a girl who worked at the store that they were talking to. It would take a few minutes to make the burritos so I stayed there and talked with them for a while. As I did, I pulled out one of the tracts and started to read it. I kept two of them in my other hand. Just as my burritos were finished and ready to go, I start saying goodbye to the guys. "Hey what's that you've got there?" "This?" I said, handing him the tract, "This is the Word of God." "Oh! Are you like giving these to people in town?" "Yeah." "Well can we have these?" "Of course you can!" I said, giving them all out to them. "These are really important, so y'all make sure you read them, ok? God bless you guys!"

It was so cool. On the way back, I wasn't sure how many tracts I had. I just kept reaching in my back pocket til they were gone. And I realized those were the last 5 I had. I mean God told me to give tracts to 7 people and I only had 7 tracts in my pocket. He's so awesome!

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