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Saturday, March 9, 2013

October 2012 Newsletter

"The Great Commission is to make disciples. There are a lot of missionaries who do good. There are not many who make disciples." - Pastor Martin Lemus, Iglesia Bautista Cristo Te Ama, Cancún, México
October 2012
Going and Growing...
...is a good way to describe our exciting and eventful past couple of months! We have seen God's people responding to our support needs and are asking Him for provision for our remaining finances.
The Lord provided for us...
...the opportunity to return to Mexico, where we lived in 2010. We have wanted to go back ever since Kyle was born and the Lord began to direct us towards Africa. The believers there had encouraged us so much in our desire to follow God's calling on our lives, we wanted to be able to share with them all that God is doing now! We were able to spend two nights on the hotel zone for a small family vacation before we went to stay with our friends. During our week we visited a small village called Victoria where we used to minister every week. Jonathan was given the opportunity to sing Steve Green's “Yo Iré” (“I Will Go”) in the evening service at our church as well as to share our Africa ministry plans at the men's Monday night Bible study. We spent many meals visiting with our friends and enjoying speaking Spanish again.
A Time of Encouragement
One of the most encouraging times in our trip was a conversation Abby and I had with Pastor Martin and his wife. In discussing the needs on the mission field today, Pastor encouraged us with his missional vision for his church in reaching their own people and even what role they could play in reaching Hispanics in the U.S. He is a godly, mature leader whom God will use greatly. He is the type of leader that I hope to help train up in Africa. The men's Bible study was also very encouraging as several of the church deacons and others expressed their appreciation for our ministry in Mexico and blessings on our plans for Africa. We pray for the Lord to bless this church and hope to keep contact with them in future ministry.
We have been busy...

... getting things together for leaving in January. This month we've been getting physical examinations, vaccines, blood tests, and prescriptions. Soon we'll begin sorting clothes, packing suitcases, and preparing to move. Each month we are praying that our support will be raised in time. Our monthly support is now around 88%, with a few more pending commitments, and our outgoing expenses are at 54%. We are now mainly in need of one-time donations to provide the big, upfront costs of moving to Lesotho.
Four days ago...
...while Abby was running errands, I got Kyle up from his nap and found him wearing a baby shirt that said "Big Brother"! I called Abby and learned that we are expecting our next child! Kyle has been such a blessing to us that we can't imagine how much joy will be brought by another little one. God is so good to us. With the new family member our monthly budget has been raised slightly, but it remains almost 90% pledged. In fact we need only $574 per month more to meet our budget. Our plan to leave in January remains the same. We know that the Lord is in control of our lives and circumstances; it was His desire to bring us this new child at this stage of our lives. We know He will care for both Abby and the baby as we leave for our new home in another land.
Please be praying...
...for the following needs in our lives:
Health for Abby and the new baby
Provision for the last of our support needs
Diligence during my seminary classes
Wisdom as we prepare to move overseas
Emotional strength for leaving home

Thank you for your involvement...
...in our lives. We are constantly reminded of our need of each other and are grateful for all of you who follow us, pray for us, and give to support our ministry. We want to be involved in each of your lives. Please contact us at the information below if we may minister to you in any way. We have just ordered our family prayer cards and will send those out shortly upon arrival. You may also follow us more closely and informally on Facebook and through our blog sites. May the Lord bless and keep you all!
- Jonathan, Abby, Kyle & "Baby Saint"
(803) 645-0822

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