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Sunday, September 30, 2012

August 2012 Newsletter

August 2012
"It is exciting to think something so vital to the life and health of a Christian - which was practically inaccessible due to distance, illiteracy, and poverty - can now, with the efforts of a few dedicated workers, be brought to where people live so believers can grow."- Kevin Zwart, AIM Mozambique(on the TEE program)

After months of prayer...
...and correspondence, we have accepted our first assignment within AIM's Southern Region. We will spend our first 3+ years in Mokhotlong, Lesotho assisting a program called Theological Education by Extension (TEE).

In partnership with GEM...
...AIM began a program in Lesotho for educating national pastors and missionaries who are already involved in the work of the ministry. These men have neither the time nor the money to go to a Bible college or seminary to further their understanding of the Bible. Through this program, a group of trained missionaries is able to bring theological education to the pastors as they minister in their area. Jonathan will be serving as the TEE coordinator for eastern Lesotho, under the leadership of Ntate Joseph Mpakaneane in western Lesotho. During our time in Mokhotlong, Jonathan will continue his online seminary studies with Liberty, though initially we will focus solely on adjusting to our new language and culture. 

A New Foreign Language
While English is considered a national language in Lesotho, the common language there is called Sesotho. Given that the TEE program is taught in Sesotho, our family will be working to learn this language in order to effectively communicate with the Basotho people. After our three-week-long Africa Based Orientation in Kenya, we will move initially to the capital of Lesotho (Maseru) where we will spend somewhere from four to six months working under Ntate Joseph, learning the program and language. Following that, we will be moving into Mokhotlong to begin our work there. As mission work is all about reaching people, we hope to be able to develop relationships within our town quickly and minister to all whom the Lord sends our way! 

The city of Mokhotlong...
...we are told is much smaller than a large city yet more advanced than a rural village. It has fairly reliable electricity, running water, and internet access. The area is extremely mountainous with moderate to cool temperatures year-round. We have seen many pictures of this region and are very excited about moving there.

Over the past two months...
...our support has more than doubled! We are still working hard to have all of our finances arranged to leave in January of 2013. We have been very encouraged as we watch many of God's people stand up and commit to supporting the work He is doing in Africa. According to our records, we have over 68% of our monthly support pledged and about 54% of our outgoing expenses have already been sent in. Between Jonathan working full time and studying through Liberty, we have been meeting with families here in South Carolina to share with them our plans for the ministry. When Jonathan completes his first semester on the 18th of this month, he will have more free time to meet with the few other churches we have connections with here in Aiken. We are excited to already have a buyer for our car when we leave as well as for much of our furniture. It feels great to have very little holding us back now!

Please be praying...
...that the rest of our support will continue coming in and that we will be able to leave in January. God has been faithful to us and all of our needs are being met. We are continually surprised by the way God moves upon people's hearts. Several of the families that have committed to support us have contacted us on their own initiative, wanting to be involved in our lives. We have been able to see families commit very sacrificial gifts and we pray that the Lord will repay them according to their generosity. We have been humbled at the outpouring of support and love and prayer that we are receiving.

Kyle is growing...
...faster than we could have imagined. I had to close by telling you about him, because he is just the biggest blessing that the Lord has given us. He makes every day so joyful and happy! Being away from him is the hardest part of Jonathan working every week at Chick-fil-A. He is the happiest little boy we have ever known and we thank the Lord for him every day! So, from all of us, lots of love to all of you and thank you for your ministry in our lives. May the Lord bless and keep you!

- Jonathan, Abby & Kyle St.Clair
(803) 645-0822

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