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Saturday, March 9, 2013

December 2012 Newsletter

December 2012
Jan. 8 - Peachtree City, GA (sendoff)
Jan.10 - Fly to Kenya (3-week orientation)
~ Feb.1 - Move to Maseru, Lesotho (6 months of language/culture acquisition)
~ Aug.1 - Move to Mokhotlong, Lesotho (3 year T.E.E. assignment)
2016 - Return to USA (8 month home assignment to visit our churches, families, and supporters)

We are thrilled...
...to update you all on the exciting events which have taken place over the past two months! When we wrote our last update letter, we were awaiting several hundred dollars in monthly support as well as about $17,000 in outgoing expenses. As of today we have over 100% of our outgoing expenses and we are only short $115 in monthly support. We have been cleared by AIM to leave for Africa on January 10th.... a mere 38 days away!
It has been very humbling...
...to watch the Lord use so many of our friends and family to provide for our needs. We appreciate the sacrifices so many have made for the sake of spreading the Gospel in Lesotho. Literally thousands of dollars were given over the course of about two weeks in mid October which sent us from wondering where the funds were going to come from to celebrating the miraculous way the Lord had provided! It has been such a confirmation that this is exactly what our Lord wants us doing and that this is the time for us to go..
One Busy Month
This month promises to be an extremely busy one as we prepare to leave after the New Year. We are busy packing up the apartment and are scheduled to move out this weekend. Jonathan has two more weeks of his semester with Liberty online and he is covered up writing three research papers this week. We will be staying with my parents' during the time we are in Aiken this month, which won't be very often. On December 14th we leave for Illinois for a week. We will return to Aiken for about a week before turning around and heading to enjoy some family time with the St.Clairs in late December/early January. When we return from that, we'll only have a couple days before heading to AIM headquarters and flying out!
On January 8...
...we will drive to Peachtree City, Georgia, where we will spend all day in preparation sessions on Wednesday. Thursday, Africa Inland Mission is hosting a farewell luncheon and from there we will depart for the airport. Upon arrival in Kenya we will spend a few nights in a guest house trying to get over jet-lag before heading to our three week orientation in Machakos (about an hour south of Nairobi). After orientation we'll be on our way to Lesotho! As I type this I can barely believe that this is really happening. We are so excited!
While things are so busy and exciting...
...we covet your prayers as we prepare to leave our beloved friends and family. It is very difficult to think of leaving them all, especially as Kyle is still growing and changing so rapidly. I find myself fighting tears in even the little things like parting with many of his baby items as well as some of the toys he enjoys but we can't take with us. I am still very ill with “morning sickness” that lasts all day every day. There is so much to be done and I am finding it difficult to muster the energy to do it all. I know God is in control and I trust Him for strength and endurance. We appreciate your prayers for us as we walk through these busy and difficult days.
Our family prayer cards...
...are in and we'll be mailing them out shortly. If we don't have a mailing address for you and you would like one of our cards, please send us a quick email and we'll be sure to get one into your hands. We have enjoyed the opportunities in these past months to share our ministry plans with all of you and now anticipate keeping you informed of what the Lord is doing in Africa. Remember that you can follow us more closely through our blog sites and by "friending" us on Facebook.
Thank you all for your support! We look forward to updating everyone next from Africa!
- Jonathan, Abby, Kyle & "Baby Saint"
(803) 645-0822


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