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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 Newsletter

Satan’s Strategies to Hinder the Work of Missions:
  1. Destruction - Kill all the Christians
  2. Dead Religion - Church without the gospel power and genuine saving faith
  3. Deception - Create an alternate religion
  4. Indifference - Apathy towards the lost
  5. Distraction - Church focused on its own ministries, attendance, and facilities
  6. Division - Churches divided over non-essential doctrines and practices

Happy 2017!  
It is pretty amazing to realize that we are already into 2017. It doesn’t seem like four full years have passed since we first moved to make our home here in Lesotho. God has done much over the past years and we look forward to what He will do during the rest of our time here.

God’s Big Story
Over the past two months, I have been preaching through a series of sermons on the grand narrative of Scripture. I called it God’s Big Story. The goal was to help the church understand the big picture of God’s plan for the world and the reason that we Christians are still on the earth today. So many times, the Bible (especially the Old Testament) is treated as a collection of short stories that teach us moral principles about life rather than as a single, unified story of God’s plan to redeem mankind. The messages have been very well received and I have been so encouraged by the responses we have heard. So many people have said things like, “I have never understood it that way before. I never saw the connections between those truths.” Particularly when we came to the book of Acts, the people’s response was amazing! It was like I could see the light bulbs coming on in people’s faces and I even heard audible gasps as people began to understand why the church exists, how the new covenant relates to the old covenant, what it means to be “born again,” and why we do what we do in the church today. The last two Sundays have focused on missions and outreach to the unreached people groups of Africa. I showed them the statistics that the majority of the world’s evangelical Christians now live here in sub-Saharan Africa and how the African church is beginning to replace the American church as the primary missionary-sending people. This was a  brand new concept for most of the church members and I can’t wait to see how they respond to the challenge. Already I have had one of the men in the church approach me, saying he wants to help with AIM’s outreach team to the shepherds here in Lesotho. I pray that God will make this a truly pivotal moment in the life of Basotho churches!

This past month…
…we were happy to welcome a visitor from home. Abby’s sister, Lacy, took some of her winter break to come spend time with us. Her flights over here encountered a number of problems and she ended up being delayed two full days after landing in the wrong country, hitting sandstorms, food shortages, passenger riots, and engine problems! We were all relieved when she finally landed in Johannesburg safe and sound. The kids especially loved having Lacy here. Being far away from our families is always the hardest part of our living overseas. Kyle and Ellee loved sitting and listening to Lacy read books to them. While she was here we also experienced a flash flood that destroyed the town’s underground water system. It took them two and a half weeks to get the town’s water restored, so Abby and Lacy spent a lot of time down at the river washing the laundry by hand with the rest of the town ladies. Despite a trying African experience, we believe Lacy still enjoyed her time here. Now we are looking forward to our next visit from Abby’s mom and two other sisters at the end of this month!

When we returned Lacy to the airport in Durban, we also had a unique opportunity. South Africa’s strict immigration laws make it very difficult for us to travel out of Lesotho with anyone other than our immediate family. However, one of the boys that I have been coaching in football for the past two years just had his 18th birthday in January. This means he does not require parental consent, signed affidavits, or pre-approved visas to travel out of Lesotho. Danki has lived here in Mokhotlong his entire life and has only been to a city once, for a school trip. We had such a fun time watching him experience South Africa, the beach, and a big city for the first time. It was his first time to see Sani Pass, a freeway, monkeys, a zebra, an ostrich, an escalator, an elevator, a drive-thru, a movie theater, a restaurant menu, an airport, a traffic jam, a swimming pool, the ocean, a boat, a parking garage, a shower, a shopping mall, a football stadium, and more. Abby wrote a blog post about the trip you can find here: http://abbymtstclair.blogspot.com/2017/01/theres-first-time-for-everything.html.

We also enjoyed hosting a World Race team from America for the past two months. This team of 10 guys became our close friends and we spent several late nights streaming the NFL playoffs together. It is truly a blessing to be a part of the missionary community!

Life is going well for us…
…and we would like to know how yours has been. Please send us a quick email to let us know how you are and especially of any ways that we can pray for you or support you in any way. God bless you all! Thanks for your partnership in the ministry.

- Jonathan, Abby, Kyle, Ellee, & Sadie Kate St.Clair

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