"I have but one passion - it is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can most be used in winning souls for Christ."

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

August 2016 Newsletter

Back to Africa  
Three weeks from now, we will be in Atlanta boarding a plane for Johannesburg on our way back to Lesotho. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in America and we have been very refreshed both spiritually and physically. While we look forward to being back in our home in Africa, saying goodbye to our families is never easy. Please keep our family in your prayers this month.

The Next Two Years
Our next assignment with AIM is to continue establishing the work of TEE in Lesotho. During our first three years, our assignment was to move to Lesotho and start the TEE program in Mokhotlong. It was the goal by the end of those three years to turn that group over to a qualified national believer who could take the leadership of the TEE program in Mokhotlong.We were pleased to see God do exactly that by bringing my good brother Ntate Bongata to work with me in TEE. He is a gifted leader who is passionate about the work of the ministry and well-qualified to lead our TEE pastors. He was born and raised right there in the Mokhotlong district and was led to Christ by another family of AIM missionaries years ago.

Our goal now is to see TEE spread to other areas of the country. The need for theological training is great and many pastors around the country are hungry to be taught more of God’s Word and equipped to lead their churches. Our plan is to work together with TEE leadership to develop a plan for starting new TEE groups in new areas. I will not be leading these groups personally, as I did with our Mokhotlong group; instead, I hope to see them led by some of our TEE graduates who completed the course last December. The program already runs entirely on local finances. By establishing local leadership in each of the new groups, we will be able to leave behind a healthy and growing TEE program in Lesotho. We are estimating another two years to get this assignment completed.

Our children... 
…have enjoyed every minute of our time in America. They have been real troopers through the hours of travel and have done well at making new friends everywhere we went. I remember my dad saying this when my family was traveling around the country, but now I have seen it for myself: Our children are some of the most effective tools God has given us for ministry. They change, challenge, and shape us as parents. They draw people in with their sweet smiles and friendly spirits. They make our lives truly joyful. People love them and they love people. Please be praying for them as we move back to Africa. Kyle was two when we moved overseas and both of the girls were born over there. Leaving this time could be a lot harder for them now that they have more close relationships here in America. At the same time, they are also excited about getting back to Lesotho. They are beginning to ask about their friends back home and can’t wait to be back there again. This is the life that they live - never really home and never fully belonging in either country. I know you all know this, but biblical priorities mandate that family must come before work or ministry (1 Tim. 3:4-5). We want to always be sensitive to the needs of our children and ensure that their wellbeing is never sacrificed for the sake of “the ministry.” It is a delicate balance we have to maintain.

Thank you all...
…for welcoming us back home and allowing us to be a part of your lives again during these months. We have loved being able to just plug in again and serve at our home churches - Millbrook and Cornerstone. You have helped to refresh us spiritually and we are grateful for your love and encouragement. Huge thanks also to our supporters, Baker and Terri White, for providing us with a place to stay and a vehicle to drive during our time here. The kids have loved living with you and will miss you greatly (and the dogs, too)! As best we can tell, our support is nearly at 100%. If any of you are still interested in contributing to our ministry needs, we can send you information on that. Just contact us by email or Facebook and we will get in touch. This weekend I am actually heading to Mexico for a mission trip with several other men from Millbrook. When I get back, we will have ten days to pack up our bags for the next two years. Thanks again for all of your love, prayers, and support. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time with you all and will be missing you again in the near future. Stay faithful to Him always and pray for the spread of the gospel among the unreached!

- Jonathan, Abby, Kyle, Ellee, & Sadie Kate St.Clair

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