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Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 2014 Newsletter

April 2014
“What will it look like then, when a local church, no matter the size, embraces the big vision of Jesus? The scorecard changes radically. Greatness is no longer measured by seating capacity.  Greatness is measured by sending capacity.”
- Jerry Rankin and Ed Stetzer, Spiritual Warfare and Missions

Back Home in Lesotho
Hello, friends and family!  We’re happy to send you this update from our home in Lesotho.  We’ve just come back from a month-long trip to the United States where we had the privilege to see many of you and meet new friends as well.  Our time in the States was extremely busy and extremely fast, but also extremely sweet.  We got to spend a lot of time with family and it was so fun to see Kyle and Ellee playing with their relatives that are usually so far away from us!
Missions Conferences
During our time at home, we were able to attend three different missions conferences in Alabama, South Carolina, and Illinois.  We had many opportunities to share our ministry to pastors in Lesotho with Sunday School classes, seniors’ luncheons, pastoral staff dinners, children’s clubs, and church congregations.  People seemed very interested and asked many questions, I think because few are familiar with training national pastors, fewer have heard of TEE, and still fewer know anything about Lesotho.  We were also able to spend a good amount of time with other missionaries, hearing of their ministries around the world and asking questions about the lessons they’re learning in their own contexts.  
Most of our time was spent traveling.  We saw Abby’s grandparents in North Carolina; my brother’s and sister’s families in South Carolina; my brother and his wife, my sister and her guy, and Abby’s sister in Florida; Abby’s aunt in Alabama; my parents and grandmother in Missouri;  Abby’s grandparents and relatives in Georgia; and our church families in Ilinois and South Carolina.  We were especially grateful for Abby’s family, who took two weeks off of work to travel the country with us.  This more than doubled our time to spend with them and made our travels easier and much more fun!  Most of our stops were determined by which place had a playground for all the kids to run off their energy.
Kyle’s Birthday... 
…was extra special this year, as we got to celebrate together with our families.  Last year was hard for us to be alone, celebrating our happy boy with only the three of us together.  This year Kyle enjoyed a “Monsters” party and received lots of small, flat, packable toys we could bring back to Africa.  It was also very special to see Ellee meet most of her family for the first time.  She took many pictures together with people and spent much of her time playing with her new cousin, Jeremiah, whom we also met for the first time.  

Meanwhile in Lesotho...
…the TEE program has continued on without me.  Before leaving, I asked my Sesotho language teacher if he would continue meeting with the pastors while I’m gone.  He did and has done an excellent job!  In my absence, four more students have joined the program and the group has completed the first two books in the TEE course.  That means we now have 10 local students in our group and 2 distance-learning  students studying in nearby regions.  We are now planning our first Mokhotlong conference for our pastors to write their exams and proceed with the course. 

This summer will be a busy one…
…as I’ve just registered for my next semester with Liberty.  My five classes will be divided into 8-week blocks, but because the summer is a shorter term, I’ll have two weeks that overlap.  Also, in June, I’ve been invited to AIM’s biannual international leadership conference in Kenya with two other men from our Lesotho team.  While I’m very excited about that week, I will still have assignments to do for seminary.  Please pray that the Lord will multiply my time and energy in the midst of this busy schedule!  We also have hopes of receiving some family visitors within the year, but that will certainly bring a relief rather than an extra burden.

God has been providing...
…for our needs in remarkable ways.  During our trip home we received many financial gifts, new supporting families, and a new supporting church.  Our support is around 100%, but if you are looking for any missionaries to support, we do know a few we could recommend!

We pray for you all...
...and would love to know how we may pray specifically.  If you have any special needs in your life that we may lift up before the Lord, please write us at the email address below and we will pray for your needs as a family. God bless you all and thank you for your investment in us.  Please continue to pray for us in our language learning.  Molimo o le hlohonolofatše!
  • Jonathan, Abby, Kyle & Ellee St.Clair

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