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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 2013 Newsletter

September 2013
"I am fired up about TEE."
"I am very happy for the questions designed to help my old mind."
"I am very much blessed to be in this TEE program. A lot of us have learned what is the will of God and what salvation really means."
"I appreciate the community of love that is shared among us."
"I am thankful for the people who had the vision to start this program."
- TEE Student Feedback
We're moving!
After months of transition since arriving in Africa, we are so excited to be almost settled into our permanent home. Our prayers were answered with a rental home available in Mokhotlong and we hope to move in the coming week.
Due to housing needs...
...we moved out of the house we have been living in here in Maseru to make space for an incoming family. Although we were not quite ready to make the big move to Mokhotlong, we were blessed with friends who have a small guest apartment we which could use for the interim. We have a moving truck coordinated to help us get all our possessions up the steep mountain roads as soon as we are able to make the move. Currently, we are waiting for two last pieces of furniture to be delivered as well as finalization of Kyle's and Ellee's volunteer visas here in Lesotho. We expect those things to be ready this week but because this is Africa, well, we won’t be sure until it happens! We were so thankful that Ellee’s passport arrived very quickly after we were able to apply for it despite warnings of a lengthy wait for her Report of Birth Abroad papers. From start to finish, it only took about one month to receive all her necessary documents and we are thankful for the freedom to cross the border into South Africa again whenever necessary.
TEE Program Work
Late last month Jonathan and the Maseru TEE committee held one of their quarterly seminars for the enrolled students. They had ten of the students present to listen to lectures, write their exams, fellowship together and work towards completing their TEE course. Praise the Lord, each of the ten students passed their exams this time! Jonathan was able to help write and format the exams and is making great progress in his learning of the local language.
Also last month...
...Jonathan began his third semester with Liberty Online. His classes take a lot of time and energy but he is thoroughly enjoying all he is researching and learning this year. He is taking three classes during this eight week mini-mester and will have a week-long break before beginning his next two classes for the following eight weeks. During that week, we hope to take a small family vacation to catch our breath before he starts again!
We were so blessed...
...to be invited to mission conferences at both our supporting churches during the spring of next year! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. With one conference in late February/early March and the other in late March, we will also be able to visit our families in the middle. We expect those weeks to be a bit hectic, traveling to visit family in SC, FL and MO and also to IL for one of the conferences, but we are thankful for the opportunity to reconnect with so many of our beloved family and friends back home. March 2nd will be Kyle’s 3rd birthday and we are very much looking forward to celebrating together with his cousins!
Speaking of the children...
...Kyle is growing and changing right before our eyes and is still such a blessing to our hearts. He thoroughly enjoys playing with his toys and friends and he brings such a sweet and excited spirit into our days. His loving and protective heart towards his sister is also a blessing to witness. Ellee is still doing great and is developing a little personality of her own. She makes us laugh when she smiles and coos and kicks her feet incessantly with excitement! She is about three and a half months old now and I can barely believe how fast time is flying!
Once we arrive in Mokhotlong...
...we will have a few house repairs to do and Jonathan will be forced to try his hand at plumbing. We’ve been told a water pipe has burst, so we'll repair them as soon as possible. Until then, we do have a water source in the yard which apparently isn’t frozen. During our months in Mexico and Africa, we’ve become pretty accustomed to hauling buckets of water into the house for daily use so this won’t be anything terribly new. But, of course, I hope the problem is solved quickly so that I don’t have to wash laundry by hand for too long! I was so blessed to have a washing machine installed last month that I’m afraid I’ve become a bit spoiled by it.
We do request prayer...
...as we begin settling in Mokhotlong. We know hardly anyone there and are praying we will be able to make some lasting friendships to enjoy as we work in the mountains. We also expect our support to drop by about $300/month next year. We are so thankful for each and every one of our prayer and financial supporters and we trust the Lord to provide for our needs.
May our Lord bless and keep you!
- Jonathan, Abby & Kyle St.Clair

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