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Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Newsletter

Unreached People Groups...
...comprise 2.84 billion of the world's population - 41.1% of all humanity. On the continent of Africa alone, there remain 976 individual unreached/least reached people groups - 28.2% of its population.* How can these people ever be reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ? The best answer, we have come to believe, is through native missionaries.
* Information gathered from Operation World and the Joshua Project

"Unlike the Western missionary, the native missionary can preach, teach, and evangelize without being blocked by most of the barriers that confront Western missionaries."

- K.P. Yohannan

What Can Westerners Do?
The challenges facing Africa today are great indeed. In addition to the countless economic, governmental, and health concerns, Africa faces a deep, spiritual need. While evangelical movements have succeeded in adding many numbers of people who claim Christianity, they have most often failed in the area that Jesus emphasized in the Great Commission - making disciples. The result of this neglect is an African church permeated with non-Christian traditions. "Thorough repentance and renunciation of sin and the works of darkness are often lacking, and many Christians are not free from the influence of witchcraft and evil spirits."* For this reason, we believe that the greatest thing we can contribute to the cause of Christ in Africa is that which they have so little access to - theological education.

Africa Inland Mission
On August 17, 1895, Peter Cameron Scott led a team of seven missionaries into Africa, founding four mission stations in Kenya which would grow into the Africa Inland Mission. Scott's burden was to establish a string of mission stations from the continent's east coast to Lake Chad in the interior and to spread the light of the gospel to the nations of sub-Saharan Africa. A quick glance at a map of evangelicals in Africa will show to what a great degree Scott's vision has affected the continent he gave his life for.

Our Ministry...
...will be to invest our time into the lives of young Africans who feel called of God to return to their people as pastors and missionaries, fully equipped for the work of the ministry. As need dictates, we will be heading towards a teaching ministry and beginning our time in Kenya. This region is strategically vital in reaching all of Africa, as national ministry students have been coming to Kenya from many different parts of the continent. Through faithful exposition of the Word and sound theological instruction, my desire is to fan the flames of passion for God's truth that He has started in these dear students and to join with them in ministry as we work together to see "Christ-Centered Churches Among All African Peoples!"

Our Support Team...
...is the most important part of our ministry plans. We cannot do this on our own. It will require a great deal of prayer, a significant amount of sacrifice, and the resources of God's people to make this ministry possible. Over the course of this year, we will be working to raise up a team of individuals and churches who will uphold us in prayer through our many spiritual battles and give financially to supply our living, working, and traveling expenses. Our support target that AIM has set for us is $4576 per month and outgoing expenses totaling $35969. It is always a matter of faith to trust God to provide when we see the numbers on paper. But God's work will never lack resources. So we look forward to seeing the miraculous ways in which He will provide for us. Our target departure date is the beginning of January 2013. To reach this date, we will need to have 100% of our support raised by December 1st.

Would you consider...
...joining our team? God will be doing great things through this ministry in Africa. We have the privilege of taking part in that. I want each of you to share in that blessing as well. As our pastor has often said, "Little is much when God is in it." We will be in contact with you in the coming months. You may also contact us through the information below. God bless you all and keep Africa in your prayers!

- Jonathan, Abby & Kyle St.Clair
(803) 645-0822

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