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Thursday, April 28, 2011

St.Clair Family Update

Dear Friends and Family,
It has been some time since we've updated you on our plans. Mostly
that is because we have just been waiting and praying through them as
well. The Lord is still in the process of leading and guiding us into
exactly what our future will be, but we believe He has made our next
step clear to us.

Our life has been very exciting over the past months. On March 2nd, we
welcomed our first child into the world. Kyle Brinson St.Clair was
born at 11:00 AM and weighed 7lb. 9oz. We are so grateful to the Lord
for him! He does make life so much sweeter. Yes, we're getting less
sleep and going through a load of diapers, but it's all worth it. He
is such a special blessing. It is a sobering responsibility to be
entrusted with the life of another human being, another soul who will
spend eternity somewhere someday. I'm certain that we will go through
difficult times in raising our new son, but the Lord will get us
through them.

I don't want to tell all of this without sharing a huge answer to
prayer. Humanly speaking this was a very difficult time for us to be
expecting. We had planned to be out of the country when we had our
children. We had worked a medical account into our budget that would
be sufficient to cover maternity costs anywhere else. We had
international medical insurance in case we needed it. But the Lord led
us to be back in the States right at the time the baby would be
coming. So we prayed and planned and tried everything we could to get
medical insurance, financial coverage, or anything we could to save us
from spending everything we have. We are and have been debt-free for
our entire lives and know that debt is one of the biggest hindrances
in getting missionaries to the field. We didn't want to be stuck with
some huge medical bills that would prevent us from leaving the country
again and returning to the ministry God has called us to. We are happy
to report that all of the hospital bills have been covered. Abby was
covered by her dad's medical insurance. Kyle had a healthy birth with
no complications and has been growing healthily ever since. We are so
grateful to God for providing for us and taking care of our baby.

After our OM candidate week is done, we will be driving up to Illinois
to attend Cornerstone's missions conference. We are so excited to be
able to see our CBC family again and let all of them meet Kyle, too!
It is always a blessing to be around Cornerstone people. Then we'll
come back here to Aiken and begin raising support again until we are
able to move overseas. I know that these plans will be constantly
changing, so we will be sure to update everyone as we get further

We love all of you very much and thank you for your continued support
and prayers for us. God is certainly working in our lives and we are
excited about our future. May the Lord richly bless you all!

With much love,
Jonathan and Abby and Kyle St.Clair

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